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Med-Cert prides themselves on being customer service oriented. We provide educational materials and resources that are helpful in medical management.
To send Med-Cert an e-mail requesting a call back to start a precertification/authorization, click here.

Your e-mail will be delivered immediately and you will receive a call back within one business day. Please note that this is not a secure e-mail link, so please only provide your name and call back information, including area code and any department and/or extension. If possible, provide the date(s) of service you need to authorize in order for us to prioritize call backs.
To view our newsletter, click here for The Beacon.

We provide our customers with quarterly newsletters full of helpful information on various medical illnesses, tips for staying healthy, healthy recipes, and lots more.
To view our wellness flyers, click here for WDM Flyers.

We provide our customers with monthly Wellness Disease Management flyers. The goal of our WDM program is to better educate a person about their actual or potential disease state so that they may be empowered through knowledge to appropriately manage their own health.

Wellness in the Workplace

Med-Cert works with its client's wellness team to assist in coordinating the services/programs that they would like to put in place. read more
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